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Ziing’s Nightclub is well known for its variety of music and multiple dance floors. With Hip Hop & Top 40 on one floor, and EDM & House on the other, there is something for everyone! And… where there is music, there is a party! Get to know the DJ’s who bring our party here!

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Resident DJs

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DJ DVious
Every other Tuesday, Every Friday and Saturday

DJ DVious is our head resident VDJ, and it’s no surprise as to why! He started honing his skills back in 1991 and moved his way up through the club scene, mainly sticking to hip-hop through the years, though his roots were in Chicago hard house. He started introducing videos to his act when Ziings encouraged him to shake up the standard Downtown Fullerton scene. From his start, he drew in a crowd and that has not changed to this day! Expect to hear a great mix of old school and current hip hop to keep you moving the whole night! DVious is always working on new and exciting projects to keep the crowds coming! Not one for social media, the only way to hear his skills is to come check out his beats yourself every Friday and Saturday, as well as every other Tuesday!

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Every other Tuesday & every Thursday

DJ R1 is a premiere DJ and VDJ, spinning Hip Hop, Top 40 and everything in between! With his unique groove and vast array of music, he is sure to keep you dancing all night! Check him out every Thursday as he makes us dance on the hip-hop side of the club groove, or test the Tuesday night vibe with him every other week!

 Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Email

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DJ Miss Dust
Thursdays & Fridays, every other week

DJ Miss Dust is a high-energy performance full of laughs, love and lots of fun. With 10 years of experience, specializing in Electro, House and Club, she has performed everywhere from Las Vegas – as a resident at Pure Nightclub, Tangerine, Empire Ballroom, and Seamless Afterhours – to touring with the Playboy DJ’s and various other US and international venues.   

She currently works independently and in the studio  on production. Other projects of hers include a female tag team trio “Menage A Trois” with DJ Diam and DJ Frances as well as a 2×4 duo, “Ayla& Dust” with DJ Ayla Simon.

With experience like hers, you know you will have a great time with her every other week on Thursdays and Fridays!

Soundcloud | Email | Facebook

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DJ Deadstar
Thursdays & Fridays, every other week

DJ Deadstar has been in the EDM game a long time and wears many hats! When he is not working on his personal philanthropic events, you can find him spinning EDM to keep the crowd pumped, with an eclectic power mix of every genre that keeps the crowd on their toes! Not one for social media, his talent can only be witnessed live from the Tao side of our club on alternating Thursdays and Fridays!

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DJ Eclipse
Every Saturday night

DJ Eclipse is our regular Saturday night DJ, keeping the crowd pumped and moving! With 24 years of DJ experience all over Southern California and Las Vegas, he has the experience and music knowledge that has the crowd dancing the night away!

When he isn’t spinning in house, he is mixing his own show called Eclipse @ Sunset – check out the first version on this Soundcloud below!

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud